CLK-151 Mug black CLK-151 Mug


Mug by KINTO | 4 colours

from $23.95 CAD

This series of mugs has a humble yet dignified character. The natural texture of the clay peeks out at the base below a layer of calm colored glaz...

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CLK-151 Deep Plate - Set of 3 brown CLK-151 Deep Plate - Set of 3
Save 19%

CLK-151 - Set of 3

Deep plate by KINTO | 4 colours

$110.95 CAD

The CLK-151 deep plate, set of 3, sleek and durable tableware that have a humble yet dignified presence. This series of deep plates has a humble y...

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CLK-151 Plate - Set of 3 white CLK-151 Plate - Set of 3

CLK-151 - Set of 3

Plate by KINTO | 4 colours

from $66.95 CAD

CLK-151 plate, born from skilled craftsmanship. Made of hard porcelain clay, this tableware series has a distinct clean look with edges reminiscen...

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CLK-152 Pasta Plate - Set of 4 black CLK-152 Pasta Plate - Set of 4
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CLK-152 - Set of 4

Deep plate by KINTO | 2 colours

$126.95 CAD

The CLK-152 pasta plate, set of 4, basic item designed with broad base, stable form, and just the right thickness and weight. This series of pasta...

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Local materials and techniques have been created and cultivated over centuries by potters in various regions of Japan. CERAMIC LAB is a collection of ceramics created with passion to deliver the artisanship of the Japanese potters. It is a fresh interpretation of Japanese tableware for the modern lifestyle. Knowledge and skills were inherited to develop the product - from the proportion of clay and glaze, to the sensitive transformations while firing that depend on temperature and humidity. Featuring the warm textures of clay, the humble designs give comfort to the user.