Chair| 4 colours
$1,195.00 CAD
white leather
saddle black leather
white cow
brown cow
The LC4 lounge chair is the ultimate in comfort and naturally follows the shape of the body. Spend hours dreaming about it. Inspired by the famous designer Le Corbusier in the 1920s, here is a "lounge" version with a metal tube and a seat covered with leather or cowhide.

The lines of the LC4 lounge chair imitate those of a human figure. The base is made of black painted steel, and the frame of chromed tubular steel.

  • Length: 67" / 170 cm
  • Depth: 17" / 43 cm
  • Seat height: 10" / 26 cm
  • Knee height: 18" / 46 cm
  • Pillow height: 23" / 59 cm
  • Material: stainless steel, leather
  • Style: Art Deco
  • Available for free shipment

* This product is not a product of the current designer, not affiliated with the official manufacturer. Any mention of the designer or the name of the original product is for comparison purposes only.

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