NewIcon 30l, waste bin, Patrice NewIcon 30l, waste bin

Pedal Bin NewIcon 30l

Waste bin by Brabantia | 8 colours

$169.95 CAD

This tall 30 litre pedal bin has plenty of capacity for a busy family home. A great choice for the kitchen or your hobby room. The newIcon pedal b...

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A5 memobottle A5 memobottle


Container by memobottle

$49.95 CAD

Discover the art of drinking with memobottle. The A5 memobottle A5 fits perfectly in your bag next to your tablet, books and laptop. Based on the ...

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DAY OFF TUMBLER Insulated Bottle mustard DAY OFF TUMBLER Insulated Bottle
Sold out


Insulated bottle by KINTO | 6 colours

$36.95 CAD

DAY OFF TUMBLER, relax, go wherever. DAY OFF TUMBLER is designed for a relaxing yet active day off. Vacuum insulated, it retains the temperature a...

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Nigiri Bento Nigiri Bento

Nigiri Bento

Containers by DOIY

$39.95 CAD

Nigiri Bento, Japanese style. Quirk and elegant bento box composed of two compartments. Its hermetic-sealed closing system ensures a perfect and sa...

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Vegan Sleeve, for memobottle, A5 vegan sleeve Vegan Sleeve, for memobottle, A5 vegan sleeve

Vegan Sleeve

Vegan sleeve by memobottle

from $59.95 CAD

Vegan Sleeve, for memobottle. The Vegan Sleeve is made to preserve your memobottle while adding a touch of design personality. The Vegan Sleeve en...

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A6 memobottle A6 memobottle


Container by memobottle

$39.95 CAD

Discover the art of drinking with memobottle. The A6 memobottle fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag or as a workout companion. Its practical sh...

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NewIcon 5l, waste bin, white NewIcon 5l, waste bin

Pedal Bin NewIcon 5l

Waste bin by Brabantia | 4 colours

$49.95 CAD

The newIcon pedal bins 5 litres are not only iconic beauties, but they’re reliable workers too. Thanks to the unique soft-closure feature, the lid...

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Patrice, container Patrice, container


Container by Brabantia

$19.95 CAD

Looking for a way to store coffee, tea, sugar and more? Brabantia 1.4 litre round canister is the perfect solution. The flavour-seal 'click' lid k...

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Slim memobottle Slim memobottle


Container by memobottle

$44.95 CAD

Discover the art of drinking with memobottle. The Slim memobottle is the companion you are looking for to stay healthy, hydrated and elegant. Wit...

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PLUG Water Jug red PLUG Water Jug
Save 24%


Carafe by KINTO | 3 colours

$25.95 CAD

Introducing the PLUG series of jugs. The outer lid seals tightly so you can store the jug at any angle. Specifications: Size: 40.6oz / 1.2L Dimen...

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Cotton Market Bag Cotton Market Bag

Cotton market bag

Container by Kikkerland

$14.95 CAD

Cotton market bag, be eco-friendly. Replace your paper and plastic bags with this eco-friendly, stylish solution. This lightweight, reusable bag  i...

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Perfurme Your Bin, refill, pine Perfurme Your Bin, refill, flower

Perfurme Your Bin

Waste bin by Brabantia

$6.95 CAD

'Perfume Your Bin' is a smart solution to hide unpleasant smells in kitchen and bathroom bins. The self-adhesive device sticks to the underside of ...

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A7 memobottle A7 memobottle


Container by memobottle

$29.95 CAD

Discover the art of drinking with memobottle. The A7 memobottle is the most compact in the memobottle collection. Holding 180 mls (6 oz) it's one ...

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Tiger, zipper bags Tiger, zipper bags


Container by Kikkerland

$4.95 CAD

Tiger, zipper bags. These Tiger reusable zipper bags are alternatives to plastic bags, are zero waste and washable. They are semi-transparent bags ...

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PerfectFit, bags, 5l PerfectFit, bags


Container by Brabantia | 2 sizes

from $12.95 CAD

Brabantia's tailored-to-fit waste bin liners, are available in a large dispenser pack that works like a tissue-box. It is a flat bag with a large ...

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Panda Reusable Zipper Bags, storage Panda Reusable Zipper Bags, storage
Sold out


Container by Kikkerland

$4.95 CAD

Panda, zipper bags. These Panda reusable zipper bags by Kikkerland are alternatives to plastic bags, are zero waste and washable. They are semi-tra...

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Dune Porcelain Navy Pitcher Dune Porcelain Collection
Save 25%


Carafe by KINTO | 2 colours

$57.95 CAD

The series of pleasant colors on clear white porcelain. Selecting white raw porcelain, highly transparent, the base highlights the color of the gl...

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Container by KINTO | 2 sizes

from $21.95 CAD

The PLUMP container gentle form adds a homey touch to any decor. Cork lid secures string when steeping teabags so they won't sink. Available in tw...

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Reusable Fresh Bag, garlic Reusable Fresh Bag

Reusable Fresh Bag

Container by Kikkerland | 4 sizes

$7.95 CAD

Keep your vegetables fresh in your refrigerator with these reusable bags. Keeps air and moisture outside the bag.BPA free. Wipe clean polyester.

Good Measure Good Measure

Good Measure

Container by Fred

$29.95 CAD

The Fred & Friends Good Measure jug is printed with eight cocktail recipes that will make you a hero of the party. For up to six people. To you...

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TRAVEL TUMBLER Insulated Bottle red TRAVEL TUMBLER Insulated Bottle


Insulated bottle by KINTO | 7 colours

from $39.95 CAD

TRAVEL TUMBLER, for a comfortable drinking experience wherever you go. TRAVEL TUMBLER is designed for people who lead a conscious and flexible lif...

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