Cotton Market Bag Cotton Market Bag

Cotton market bag

Container by Kikkerland

$9.95 CAD

Cotton market bag, be eco-friendly. Replace your paper and plastic bags with this eco-friendly, stylish solution. This lightweight, reusable bag  i...

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Tiger, zipper bags Tiger, zipper bags


Container by Kikkerland

$3.95 CAD

Tiger, zipper bags. These Tiger reusable zipper bags are alternatives to plastic bags, are zero waste and washable. They are semi-transparent bags ...

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Panda Reusable Zipper Bags, storage Panda Reusable Zipper Bags, storage


Container by Kikkerland

$3.95 CAD

Panda, zipper bags. These Panda reusable zipper bags by Kikkerland are alternatives to plastic bags, are zero waste and washable. They are semi-tra...

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Reusable Fresh Bag, garlic Reusable Fresh Bag

Reusable Fresh Bag

Container by Kikkerland | 4 sizes

$6.95 CAD

Keep your vegetables fresh in your refrigerator with these reusable bags. Keeps air and moisture outside the bag.BPA free. Wipe clean polyester.

Zipper Mason Jar Bag, medium Zipper Mason Jar Bag

Zipper Mason Jar Bag

Container by Kikkerland | 2 sizes

$4.95 CAD

No need for heavy jars with these brilliant reusable zip-closed storage bags. Clever design allows bags to stand when filled. Dishwasher safe, dur...

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The art of entertaining and setting your table are skills to develop and cultivate. A good host knows that the function and design of your tableware is equally as important as what you serve and for who. Beautiful dishes will only enhance the experience, for you and your guests, when savouring your favorite dishes and sipping on the tastiest of wines.