Original dark grey Original


Bean bag by Fatboy | 16 colours

$289.00 CAD

Where it all began. The world's best-know bean bag. A lifestyle icon, practically indestructible and ultimately comfortable. Sit, lie down or loun...

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Junior blue Junior


Bean bag by Fatboy | 19 colours

$199.00 CAD

Designed so that small fry can explore Fatboy's fun features, Junior is a smaller version of our one and only Original. Junior is available in a l...

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Original Stonewashed blue Original Stonewashed

Original Stonewashed

Bean bag by Fatboy | 10 colours

$379.00 CAD

Stonewashed, a hip trend from the fabulous 1980s. Edited and updated by Fatboy: meet the revival of stonewashed. We think this super soft, high-qu...

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Junior Stonewashed red Junior Stonewashed

Junior Stonewashed

Bean bag by Fatboy | 11 colours

$279.00 CAD

The little ones can finally enjoy the ultimate lounging experience! Made of 100% super soft and high-quality cotton, this comfy beanbag has its pl...

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Original Outdoor charcoal Original Outdoor

Original Outdoor

Bean bag by Fatboy |10 colours

$429.00 CAD

The Original goes outdoor. The outdoor blends in perfectly with your stylish outdoor furniture and has that extra twist which makes your garden, b...

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Lamzac 2.0 Lamzac 2.0

Lamzac 2.0

Outdoor by Fatboy | 7 colours

$98.00 CAD

Lamzac 2.0, the ultimate air lounger! Get comfy anywhere with the original air lounger. Simple to inflate with long-lasting cosiness. Creates a li...

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Buggle-Up Bean Bag light grey Buggle-Up Bean Bag


Bean bag by Fatboy | 15 colours

$399.00 CAD

This is the Fatboy Buggle-Up, its ingenious design means it is both a perfect leisure chair for one or an intimate snuggle sofa for two you can sw...

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Edison The Petit Lamp Edison The Petit Lamp

Edison The Petit

Table lamp by Fatboy

$139.00 CAD

On or Off? Indoors or out? What characterizes the Edison? An iconic silhouette, minimalist design. Simple, pure shape and whiter than white. The Ed...

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Point petrol Point


Bean bag by Fatboy | 16 colours

$119.00 CAD

The Point looks like an authentic pouf, but looks can be deceiving as quintessential functionality is what it is all about. Looking for a bedside t...

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Buggle-Up Bean Bag Outdoor grey Buggle-Up Bean Bag Outdoor

Buggle-Up Outdoor

Bean bag by Fatboy | 5 colours

$499.00 CAD

With the Buggle-Up Outdoor you easily create your perfect lounge spot, in the garden, patio or backyard. The Buggle-Up Outdoor is made from Sunbre...

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Transloetje Lamp violet Transloetje Lamp


Table lamp by Fatboy | 8 colours

$159.00 CAD

Transloetje is inspired by Grandma's table lamp but reinterpreted and redesigned to fit perfectly in these modern days. Transloetje proved to be ...

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Island Pouf blue Island Pouf


Bean bag by Fatboy | 15 colours

$249.00 CAD

On the Fatboy Island, you will travel first class to your paradise. This stylish and comfortable bean bag lounger is ideal for reading, relaxing o...

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Pupillow Pouf mineral blue Pupillow Pouf


Bean bag by Fatboy | 5 colours

$429.00 CAD

Indoors or outdoors? In the garden or balcony? The Fatboy Pupillow is light and is easily movable. Make every room your personal chill area! With ...

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Thierry Le Swinger Lamp industrial green Thierry Le Swinger Lamp

Thierry Le Swinger

Hanging lamp by Fatboy | 4 colours

$299.00 CAD

Beautifully designed, Thierry le Swinger hanging LED lamp is the ultimate solution for outdoor living. Simply hang it from a garden parasol or bra...

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Plat-o anthracite Plat-o


Side table by Fatboy | 6 colours

$170.00 CAD

Rather than being a fixed living room feature, the Plat-o is both a handy tray and stylish table in one. Fatboy's nifty side table Plat-o is an ex...

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Bouquet Parolar & Base Bouquetteket Bouquet Parolar & Base

Bouquet Parolar

Parasol by Fatboy | 2 colours

$724.00 CAD

Thanks to those unique design umbrellas, it will be easy to turn your roof or balcony into a colorful relaxation place. Watch out for bird and butt...

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Lampie-On Deluxe Lamp Lampie-On Deluxe Lamp
Save 22%

Lampie-On Deluxe

Hanging lamp by Fatboy

$109.00 CAD

This wireless new lantern is exactly what you need when there's something to celebrate! The wireless Lampie-on is designed for both indoor and outd...

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Lampie-On Lamp Lampie-On Lamp
Save 23%


Hanging lamp by Fatboy

$99.00 CAD

This wireless lantern is exactly what you need when there something to celebrate! You quit the gym? Discovered a new wine? All good reasons to cele...

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Stripesol & Base red Stripesol & Base


Parasol by Fatboy | 6 colours

$724.00 CAD

THIS IS SUMMER... with the Stripesol in your garden or on your terrace. This huge umbrella has a warm design that will make you feel really cool. T...

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Lamzac L Lamzac L

Lamzac L

Outdoor by Fatboy | 6 colours

$149.00 CAD

Lamzac L, more space, more relaxed. Meet the Lamzac L by Fatboy. A large airbed that you can fill rapidly without any pump. Deflate it within seco...

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Lamzac L Deluxe black Lamzac L Deluxe olive green

Lamzac L Deluxe

Outdoor by Fatboy | 3 colours

$169.00 CAD

Lamzac L Deluxe, with a handy matching cover. The Lamzac L Deluxe. The newest member of the Lamzac family. A large inflatable airbed with a handy ...

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Lamzac XXXL Lamzac XXXL

Lamzac XXXL

Outdoor by Fatboy | 6 colours

$159.00 CAD

Lamzac XXXL, big, bigger, biggest! If Fatboy has a name to maintain when it comes to oversized and comfortable leisure items, then the Lamzac XXXL...

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Concrete Stool pigeon blue Concrete Stool

Concrete Seat

Stool by Fatboy | 5 colours

$135.00 CAD

A classic building block with multifunctional use. Liven up this swish seat with a colourful pillow. Can be used indoors or outdoors as a step sto...

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Pupillow Cushion Pupillow Cushion


Cushion by Fatboy | 5 colours

$63.00 CAD

The Fatboy Pupillow Cushion is made of Sunbrella fabric, and is perfect for outside use. Specifications: Width: 26" / 66 cm Height: 15.7" / 38 cm...

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In 1998, the Finnish designer Jukka Setälä designed a beanbag unlike any other. Fatboy is – as many people think – not named after the firm shape of the beanbag, but after the artist Fatboy Slim. That name was on a CD cover which Setälä received in the late nineties and this gave him the inspiration for a brand name: Fatboy the Original.

The last 20 years, Fatboy has developed considerably. The beanbag is without any doubt the ultimate hero, but Fatboy does a lot more than just creating beanbags. The collection has expanded into a diverse range of iconic products: from lamps and carpets to side tables, hammocks and the Lamzac. All products are designed with one goal: escaping the daily routine with a big smile.