TOTEM Canister 15oz TOTEM Canister


Container by KINTO | 2 sizes

from $27.95 CAD

TOTEM canisters add a stylish touch to your kitchen and interior spaces. The design features the perfect combination of stainless steel and glass....

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CAST Water Jug 25.5oz CAST Water Jug
Save 23%


Carafe by KINTO

$26.95 CAD

The CAST water jug, glassware for ease and grace of movement. The full Cast Drink range includes a collection of simple, but stylish glassware. Wi...

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CAPSULE Water Carafe Stainless Steel CAPSULE Water Carafe


Carafe by KINTO | 2 sizes

from $25.95 CAD

The simple CAPSULE water carafe has a lid that opens when the bottle tilts so you can pour from any direction. Taking the carafe out of the refrige...

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BAUM Canister 10oz
Save 21%


Container by KINTO

$18.95 CAD

BAUM canisters match your simple style. These heat-resistant glass canisters come with a wooden lid, fitted with a silicone ring for a tight seal. ...

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Schale Glass Canister 3.3" Schale Glass Canister
Sold out


Container by KINTO

$19.95 CAD

The SCHALE glass canisters have what we love: a simple design and infinite ways to use it! You can organize, display, stack and store however you ...

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PLUG Iced Tea Jug white PLUG Iced Tea Jug
Save 23%


Cold brew carafe by KINTO | 3 colours

$32.95 CAD

Introducing the PLUG series of jugs with built-in infusers. The transparent infuser has a fine mesh on the bottom to catch even the smallest bits ...

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SCS Canister white SCS Canister
Save 24%


Container by KINTO | 2 colours

$28.95 CAD

The popular Slow Coffee Style collection introduces the ultimate accessory to complete your coffee set: the Slow Coffee Canister. These stylish po...

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SCS BOTTLIT Dressing Bottle SCS BOTTLIT Dressing Bottle
Sold out


Dressing bottle by KINTO

$15.95 CAD

The BOTTLIT dressing bottle, for homemade dressings. The versatile BOTTLIT canisters are a favorite of the KINTO tableware collection and will qui...

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PLUG Water Jug red PLUG Water Jug
Save 24%


Carafe by KINTO | 3 colours

$25.95 CAD

Introducing the PLUG series of jugs. The outer lid seals tightly so you can store the jug at any angle. Specifications: Size: 40.6oz / 1.2L Dimen...

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Container by KINTO | 2 sizes

from $21.95 CAD

The PLUMP container gentle form adds a homey touch to any decor. Cork lid secures string when steeping teabags so they won't sink. Available in tw...

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LEAVES TO TEA Canister 8.4oz LEAVES TO TEA Canister
Save 39%


Container by KINTO

$30.95 CAD

The stainless steel canister with double lid keeps light and air out, allowing you to preserve the tea leaves fresh. Specifications: Size: 8.5o...

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Dune Porcelain Navy Pitcher Dune Porcelain Collection
Save 25%


Carafe by KINTO | 2 colours

$57.95 CAD

The series of pleasant colors on clear white porcelain. Selecting white raw porcelain, highly transparent, the base highlights the color of the gl...

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It's about slowing down and seeing the beauty of nature in the change of seasons. It's about savoring a delightful dish with close family and friends to unwind and feel wholesome. It's about coming to understand the joys of finding things that feel just right in your hands. KINTO imagine the scenes that enrich your life to develop and bring you products with genuine creativity and thoughtfulness.