Serving board by KINTO | 4 sizes
$46.00 CAD

Spice up your table with the BAUM wooden serving board. The natural grain provides a warm aesthetic for serving appetizers or cutting cheese and bread at the table. Available in four sizes to cater to every task. The round hole adds charm to the design, serves as a handle, and means it can be hung on a wall. The maple wood board looks as beautiful as the food you will serve on it.


  • Dimensions:
    • 9x7": W9.2 in x D7.2 in x H0.7 in / W230 x D180 x H18 mm
    • 11x5.5": W11.6 in x D5.2 in x H0.7 in / W290 x D130 x H18 mm
    • 12x9": W12 in x D9.2 in x H0.7 in / W300 x D230 x H18 mm
    • 15x6.5": W15.2 in x D6.6 in x H0.7 in / W380 x D165 x H18 mm
  • Material: maple

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