Silvia Mini Create Silvia Mini Create

Silvia Mini Create

Lampshade by Umage

$99.95 CAD

Made of white watercolour paper, Silvia Mini Create is not only a lampshade, it is a creative canvas where you can express your creativity and per...

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Silvia Lampshade, brushed steel Silvia Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 4 colours

from $99.95 CAD

The Silvia lampshade, with its characteristic organic, triangular-shaped blades, is a modern classic that fits into every home. Are you into class...

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Aluvia Lampshade green medium Aluvia Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 6 colours

from $398.00 CAD

From the depths of the oceans to the lively city, through the enchanted forests, all in an eclectic product. With its characteristic aluminium blad...

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Lora Lampshade xl Lora Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 2 sizes

from $158.00 CAD

Explore the motif and discover new shapes through the Lora suspension from the Danish company Umage. Imagine a bouquet of flowers in this clever de...

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Cuna Lampshade mint green Cuna Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 3 colours

$298.00 CAD

Spread the light gently with this lampshade with its sculptural design by Umage, a Danish lighting company. Made of steel, this luminous elipse is ...

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Clava Lampshade brushed brass Clava Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 4 colours

$198.00 CAD

This is Clava, an elegant little lampshade with a retro look designed by Umage. A series of small symmetrical holes offer an astonishing appearance...

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Clava Dine Lampshade brushed cooper Clava Dine Lampshade

Clava Dine

Lampshade by Umage | 4 colours

$398.00 CAD

The result of the success of Clava, a small, elegant and retro lampshade created by Umage, here is Clava Dine, her oldest sister who shares the sam...

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Acorn Lampshade black brass Acorn Lampshade


Lampshade by Umage | 2 sizes

$198.00 CAD

Here is Acorn by Umage, a lampshade as simple as it is sublime, with its acorn shape floating in the air. Composed of a black or white silicone cap...

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Dress up your lamps with one of our many lampshades and play with form, material, and transparency to give your decor the specific feel you want!