$1,995.00 CAD

If Nüspace were to have an icon, it would definitely be the Lounge chair! Inspired by Charles and Ray's Lounge Chair from the "Mid-Century" era, the Lounge is composed of a chair and an ottoman covered with padded leather for maximum comfort. Its structure is made of walnut plywood which brings a warm and cosy touch to this chair that you will be happy to find after your work day.

Adopt the luxurious style of the 1950s, combining comfort and aesthetics: Lounge is the perfect combination to give style to your interior.

Armchair specifications:

  • Length: 31" / 79 cm
  • Depth: 34" / 87 cm
  • Height: 36" / 92 cm
  • Seated: 18" / 46 cm
  • Material: wood, leather, stainless steel

Ottoman specifications:

  • Length: 25.5" / 65 cm
  • Depth: 22" / 56 cm
  • Height: 18"/ 46 cm
  • Material: wood, leather, stainless steel
  • Style: Mid-century modern
  • Available for free shipment

* This product is not a product of the current designer, not affiliated with the official manufacturer. Any mention of the designer or the name of the original product is for comparison purposes only.

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