Enamel Mug 70s Flower Oval slate Enamel Mug 70s Flower Oval dandelion
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70s Oval Flower

Mug by Orla Kiely | 3 colours

$10.95 CAD

Enamel mug featuring the 70s Oval Flower pattern in grey. Specifications: Size: 500 ml Designer: Orla Kiely

Shimmer glass, small Shimmer glass, large


Glass by Design Ideas | 2 sizes

from $59.95 CAD

Made from beautifully lightweight yet durable electroplated glass, these elegantly versatile glasses shimmer with iridescent hues. Set of four. Ha...

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Saguaro Glasses Saguaro Glasses


Glass by DOIY

$59.95 CAD

Trendy set of 6 stackable glasses with different shapes that feature a saguaro cactus once piled up. It is decorative, surprising and useful for a...

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Hestia Glasses transparent Hestia Glasses
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Glass by DOIY | 2 colours

$55.95 CAD

 Set of 4 glasses that feature a greek column once stacked. Specifications: Diameter: 3.5" / 8.90 cm Height: 12" / 30.48 cm Material: glass Set of...

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Family Pack Family Pack

Family Pack

Glass by Toma Objects

$59.95 CAD

A pleasant nostalgia blows on this sublime set of 4 glasses, by Toma Objects. Each representing the members of a large family of yesteryear, a trib...

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The art of entertaining and setting your table are skills to develop and cultivate. A good host knows that the function and design of your tableware is equally as important as what you serve and for who. Beautiful dishes will only enhance the experience, for you and your guests, when savouring your favorite dishes and sipping on the tastiest of wines.