Ball Armchair

$1,895.00 CAD

Inspired by Eero Aarnio's industrial design icon "Ball Chair" in 1963, Nüspace plunges you into the depths of the Pop Years! designed from the simple spherical shape, combining the softness of its shape and the comfort of its seat, this explosive seat cuts you off from the world in a snap of your fingers... The expression "being in your bubble" takes on its full meaning thanks to the timeless Ball chair!


  • Length: 38" / 97 cm
  • Depth: 43" / 109 cm
  • Height: 47" / 120 cm
  • Seated: 16.5" / 42 cm
  • Material: fiberglass, aluminum, fabric

* This product is not a product of the current designer, not affiliated with the official manufacturer. Any mention of the designer or the name of the original product is for comparison purposes only.

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