Dressing bottle by KINTO | 2 sizes
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The BOTTLIT dressing bottle, for homemade dressings.

The versatile BOTTLIT canisters are a favorite of the KINTO tableware collection and will quickly become an essential product in your home. With their sleek glass design and beautiful cork lid, the Kinto BOTTLIT Canisters are a must-have for the kitchen. Use them to store tea leaves, coffee beans, nuts, granola, spices, herbs, sugar or milk. Use for decoration too, just fill them with dried flowers or gems. The BOTTLIT canisters have a vintage look and are very easy to use. The cork lid creates an airtight seal, keeping the contents of these bottled-shaped canisters fresh.


  • Dimensions:
    • 4.4 oz / 130ml: ø1.6 in x H4.3 in x W2 / ø40 x H110 x W50 mm
    • 8.5 oz / 250ml: ø1.6 in x H6.3 in x W2.4 / ø40 x H160 x W60 mm
  • Material: heat-resistant glass, silicone
  • User Recommendations: microwave and dishwasher safe

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