Coffee accessory by KINTO | 2 sizes
$7.00 CAD
2 cups
4 cups

Experience slow drip coffee, it will revolutionize your morning coffee routine. Time slows down with each drip, the SLOW COFFEE STYLE product series was created to bring you pour-over slow brewed coffee. Hot water mixes with coffee grounds in a beautiful stainless steel filter, then gently drips into the carafe. The SCS offers a wide range of choices so you can find your own style of slow coffee.


  • Dimensions:
    • 2 cups: ø3.7 in x H3.4 in / ø95 x H80 mm
    • 4 cups: ø4.7 in x H4 in / ø4.7 x H4 mm
  • Material: AS resin
  • User Recommendations: dishwasher safe

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