Table lamp by Pablo Designs
$439.95 CAD

Superlight balances the demands of both workplace and home with a combination of minimal form and maximal function. Superlight is a task light reduced to its essence. A gestural line in space resulting in a precise yet playful structure defying gravity with an appearance of near weightlessness.

Superlight achieves fluid, sweeping movement in every direction with a full 3-axis range of motion providing warm glare-free LED light exactly where you need it. Superlight is available as a desk, floor, wall, clamp or grommet mounted fixture and comes complete with a set of colorful and interchangeable felt pads to match your personality and decor, providing a resting place for your things.


  • Min. lenght: 20.75" / 52.7 cm
  • Max. lenght: 32.75" / 83 cm
  • Width: 8" / 46 cm
  • Min. height: 17" / 43 cm
  • Max. height: 22" / 56 cm
  • Rope length: 9" / 274 cm
  • Switch: yes
  • Dimmer: no
  • Lightbulb: DEL 120-240V 60Hz - 700 Lumens
  • Material: polycarbonate, metal
  • Designer: Peter Stathis & Matthew Boyko

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